When humidity remains for a long time between the insulation and the vapour barrier in hot roofs, it is absorbed by the insulating materials. If there are defects within the flat roof sealing, it is frequently the case that insulating material becomes wet, often without being noticed, until humidity damage becomes visible in the interior years later. The Roof Protector can also be used to inspect or confirm the success of roof repairs.


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The monitoring system points the way to the future of your flat roof monitoring. The collected measurements are stored on a central server of RPM Gebäudemonitoring GmbH and can be permanently accessed via a Web browser at all times.


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Applications include protected buildings (K3), useable flat roofs and all applications in which humidity detection can illuminate the state of the roof. The ROOF PROTECTOR is a cost-effective humidity detector that can be combined with all common roofing layers and enables permanent humidity localisation in the roofing layers.

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